We Have Got All The Answers

Question Is an account necessary for placing an order?
AnswerNo, however setting up an account will allow you to order without having to enter your details every time you shop with us. You can sign up or you can start shopping check out as a guest.
Question How do I sign up/create an account at zarif.pk?
AnswerTo create your very own Zarif Online Account, follow these simple instructions:
Click on the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right-hand corner of the home page
Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button
Click on the ‘Create an Account’ button at the bottom of the screen
Question I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?
AnswerIn the event of a forgotten password, simply:
Click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the sign in page
Enter your email address
Click on the link sent to you in your email address
Enter your new password
Question How can I update/edit my shipping or billing address details?
AnswerGo to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Edit’ at the address tab to enter your new address
Question Where can I view my order history?
AnswerYour order history will be available on your Dashboard on your Account page.
Question How can I place an order?
AnswerOnce you have added all your desired items to your shopping cart, follow these instructions:
To order with a Zarif account:
Click on the ‘Shopping Bag’ button and proceed to Checkout
Click on ‘’Continue to Payment Method’ and choose your method
Click on ‘Complete Order’ and check your email for a Sales Order Summary
Question What if I don’t get a Sales Order Summary?
AnswerA Sales Order Summary is essentially a soft receipt that should be emailed to you within an hour of placing your order. If you don’t get one in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder and if it still isn’t there, call Customer Service at +92 341 450 4071 to confirm your order.
Question Does adding an item to the shopping cart reserve it?
AnswerNo, an item will only be reserved for you after you have confirmed your order at checkout.
Question How will I know that you have received my order?
AnswerThe Sales Order Summary emailed to you will act as confirmation that your order has been logged in our record. If you do not get this email, please contact Customer Services at +92 341 450 4071
Question How can I track my order?
AnswerThe ‘Order History’ section on your Dashboard will give you details pertaining to your previous orders as well the status of your current order with regards to the stage of processing.
Question What different order statuses can I face?
AnswerPayment Pending Authorization: Your order has been logged and we are waiting for authorization from the payment gateway.
Payment Authorized, Order Processing: Authorization has been received from the payment gateway and your order is being processed.
Order Shipped: Your order has been shipped by the seller and is on its way.
Order complete: Shipment received, and transaction completed.
Order Cancelled: The order was cancelled.
Question What are the benefits of ordering through an account?
AnswerHaving an account will allow you to save your billing and shipping information for quick checkouts, allow you to view all your previous order history and enable you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter which will keep you up to date with all of our exciting new products and promotions.
Question What is the difference between Order ID and Tracking ID?
AnswerYour Order ID will be used to identify your order and will be a part of the Order Sales Summary email. Another email will be sent to you once your order has been dispatched with your Tracking ID which will allow you to check the status of your delivery on the courier’s website.
Question Can I add items or make changes to an existing order?
AnswerUnfortunately, it is not possible to combine orders or add items to an existing order once the order has been processed.
Question What payment options do I have?
AnswerCash on Delivery (available nationwide)
Question What are the conditions for Cash on Delivery (COD)?
AnswerTo avail COD, please follow these instructions.

  • At checkout, select ‘Cash on Delivery’
  • Upon the courier’s arrival, check for the original receipt and pay only the amount mentioned on that receipt in cash

Question Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available internationally?
AnswerUnfortunately, COD is only available in Pakistan.
Question Can the billing address differ from the shipping address?
AnswerFor Cash on Delivery orders, billing address is not required. We only require your shipping address which will be the address you want your order delivered to. For Credit Card orders, we require both billing and shipping address, which can be the same or different addresses. To use a different billing address, simply check the ‘Use a different billing address’ option under the ‘Billing Address’ tab on the checkout page.
Question How do I redeem a Gift card or discount code?
AnswerTo redeem a promotional code, simply type in or copy the code into the ‘Gift card or discount code’ text bar on the checkout page.
Question If an article is out of stock, how can I be informed about its re-arrival?
AnswerFor out of stock items, please enter your email address in the given text box to get an email about article availability. Alternatively, please call our Customer Support helpline, and we will be more than happy to try and arrange the article you require.
Question Can I get an article reserved for me in stores before formal checkout?
AnswerYes, you can. Please call our Customer Care Service at +92 341 450 4071 and they will facilitate you with your reservation.
Question Can I pay COD with a cheque?
AnswerUnfortunately, for logistical reasons, we only accept cash for COD orders
Question Is there any form of advance payment required for COD?
AnswerNo, you need only pay the full amount in cash once your parcel is delivered to you
Question What is the delivery time?
Answer5-7 working days
Question Does the price of the order include shipping charges?

Free delivery within Pakistan

For international orders, shipping charges are mentioned separately as a part of the order on the check-out page. Final amount charged will include shipping charges

Question How do I check the delivery status?
AnswerOn dispatch, you will be provided a Tracking ID for your order through SMS. The SMS sent will be from the courier company delivering your order.
Question What method of shipping do you use?
AnswerWe use TCS and Call Courier for local orders and DHL for international ones.
Question Are there any shipping restrictions?
AnswerPlease note that we are unable to publish all the restrictive measures imposed by your country of delivery as this is dependent on your country’s customs and restrictions. Before making any purchase, we encourage you to check with your local customs on their regulations. You might want to ask about the restriction on:

  • Any limit on the quantity to import the items
  • Any limit on the value to import the items
  • Restrictions to the material that you are interested to purchase
  • Tax and duties you need to incur for importing the items

If for some reason, there are any items that cannot be exported and/or imported into your choice of delivery destination, you might still be able to checkout and pay for the items to be delivered. In such cases, the shipper bears the responsibilities to ship the items due to non-delivery e.g. shipping charges incurred to and  for sending to the intended delivery destination, and for the intended delivery destination to return the goods to ZARIF will be borne by the buyer.